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Dream Hun ter Retreat

Dream hunter coaching retreat
casa coline, javea, spain

Are you ready to give your life a new direction? To finally manifest your dream – whatever that may be?

Like writing that book? Starting your own business, pursuing a different career, or coming up with a new strategy for your current business? Or maybe moving to another country? Achieving financial freedom? Or…

Just imagine if that were possible?

If it could be realized?

What would that mean to you?

What would it be worth to you?

In this Dream Chaser coaching retreat week, you’ll let your mental abilities collaborate with your feelings, intuition, and build a life that brings you complete happiness!

Retraite Spanje Dromenjager

Dream Hunter coaching retreat

Casa Coline, Javea | Spain, Costa Blanca

The DREAM CHASER COACHING RETREAT is a retreat for people who feel the need for a break from their daily routine. Those who need distance to regain clarity of the bigger picture. Those who crave reflection and introspection. Those who want to both relax and make significant progress on a personal level.

This week is for anyone who want to dream BIG and want to manifest those dreams.

Relaxing activities and in-depth sessions

To achieve this, there will be both relaxing activities and various in-depth sessions. The relaxing activities, including meditation and sound healing, will provide deep relaxation and clarity of mind

The in-depth sessions in this retreat week, such as the mastermind and personal coaching session, are designed to concretize your dream, gain insight into and transform personal obstacles, and actually start manifesting your dream, including using the law of attraction.

This way, we work specifically towards your goals and help you harness your manifesting power to create the life you dream of.

Do you dare to dream? I hope you do!

Coach retraite Spanje

Your Retreat in Spain

The program consists roughly of half ‘program’ and half ‘me-time’, because with rest comes clear knowing and clear seeing.

The arrival day for this retreat is Monday. Upon arrival, we will show you to your room, and on Monday evening at 18:00 hrs, the program starts with a delicious healthy meal, an introduction, and a wonderful relaxing sound bowl session to truly ‘land’ in this place.

Below you will find how a week like this will look like:



Star Casa Coline

Arrival between 3pm-6pm


Star Casa Coline


Star Casa Coline

A soothing sound bowl session under the stars



Star Casa Coline

Sunrise dream meditation at the beach, optionally followed by swimming in the sea.

Star Casa Coline

Breakfast at one of my favorite places


Star Casa Coline

Mastermind about dreams, manifesting your dreams, and the law of attraction

Star Casa Coline




Star Casa Coline

Reiki and Chakra Meditation

Star Casa Coline

Breakfast & Talk on 'Achieving Goals and Your Personal Human Design Chart'.


Star Casa Coline

Yoga & Breathwork

Star Casa Coline




Star Casa Coline

Energetic movement and inspiration 'What If Everything is Possible' meditation.

Star Casa Coline

Personal Coaching session


Star Casa Coline

Out for diner in the old town of Javea



Star Casa Coline

Breakfast & Manifestation Silent Walk and Meditation (entire morning).


Star Casa Coline


The afternoons are free to explore the surroundings, hang out at the beach or pool, or do your own thing. If you’re not at the Casa during lunchtime, no problemo, there will always be lunch available for you at the Casa that you can grab when you’re back home.

The coaching session will be scheduled in consultation on Wednesday and Thursday.


Extend your stay!

If you want to stay for an extra night or longer, or if you want to enjoy the weekend, that’s wonderful! You’re very welcome! Just let us know!

Retreat Dates

This retreat can be booked anytime throughout the year? Feel free to send me a message ( so I can check the availability!

Casa Coline | Javea, Spain

Are you coming to my Dromenjager Coaching Retreat in Spain? Then you will stay comfortably with us at Casa Coline, located in the beautiful nature of the Javea valley, close to the sea.

It’s delightful here, and Javea has a powerful transformative energy.

The rooms at Casa Coline are fully equipped, and all rooms open onto what we call Melrose Place, which is our centrally located swimming pool and the covered naya where breakfast is served, with fruit from our own garden. The large garden with palm trees and bougainvilleas has plenty of cozy seating areas where you can retreat or doze off in the sun. There is a charming Spanish naya for good conversations and enjoyable meals. The meditations and ceremony sessions take place in a special room or outside in nature, such as on the rooftop terrace under the stars.

In addition to sun, sea, and beach, you can enjoy wonderful walks and cycling here. For enthusiasts, we have scooters and bicycles available so you can go to the beach or perhaps explore the country side.


Review Retreat 1 Casa Coline Retraite

“A GRAND and important GIFT TO MYSELF!”

Karin was here at Casa Coline on a retreat. She calls it a beautiful journey inward. Listen here (in Dutch) to what she thought of her retreat week.

Review retreat 2 Casa Coline Retraite

“This retreat has brought me so much.”

Martine’s retreat at Casa Coline was wonderful. Listen here (in Dutch) how she experienced this week.

Review retreat 3 Casa Coline Retraite

it was very special! i really needed this week for me.

Corrie recently went on retreat. She was able to pause and reconnect with her heart. Listen here (in Dutch) how Corrie looks back at her retreat week.

how to get here?

You can fly to either Alicante or Valencia airport. Transavia offers various options, and in terms of distance, it doesn’t matter much as Javea is located exactly in the middle, about an hour’s drive from either airport. Of course, you can also choose to drive all the way from the Netherlands. If I go by car, it takes me approximately 18 hours. We are happy to assist you in planning your trip to Spain.



The price is exclusive of VAT. If you would like to come earlier or extend your stay for a few more days, that’s wonderful! Please let us know so that we can check the availability for you. A room normally costs €200 per night, but as an extension to a retreat, it costs €150 per night.

CasaColine-Spanje-laMejorMesa_palm tree



All overnight stays are in a private room


Delicious healthy meals (3 per day)


Coffee (nespresso), tea and water all day


Jouw personal Human Design Chart


Morning meditation




Personal Coaching session


Sound Healing




Personal guidance by Nicoline, NLP & Transformation coach


Manifestation walk


And much more …



Flight and transfer

Currently, you can book a round-trip flight to Alicante or Valencia for around €150, so don’t wait too long.

Casa Coline - Javea - Spanje - Boutique Retreat - guesthouse-bedroom-beds-room-spain-dream-beach

Special Requests

Do you have anything you would like during your stay with us? Feel free to let us know, as many things are possible and we are happy to make it just the way you like it.

ARe you joining us?

Would you like to book? Wonderful! Just sent me a message and we will be in contact!

Let’s talk!

If you would like to get to know us first and perhaps take a virtual tour of Casa Coline via Facetime, that would be great! You are very welcome!

Send me a message via WhatsApp (06 55726244) or email ( and we’ll schedule a time to chat!

You can also find me or Casa Coline on Instagram/Facebook, or listen to my podcast (in Dutch) about my Spain emigration adventures and the retreats I organize here.

Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

Hasta luego, Nicoline

hola! I am nicoline

I am Nicoline, NLP & Transformation Coach, and a professional dream chaser.

  • I believe that anything is possible.
  • I believe that every dream can be realized.
  • Including yours! I believe that everyone, including you, is worthy of living their best life.

Years ago, I made a change in my life and decided to retrain as a coach. After completing various trainings (including NLP and Transformational Coaching), I started my own coaching practice, and now I am living the life in Spain that I once dreamed of.

I have always been fascinated by why some people achieve their goals while others do not. What causes that? What holds you back or inhibits you? Why might you be afraid? Do you think in limitations or possibilities? What prevents you from investing in yourself?

Reiki Nicoline Schipper Casa Coline

As a coach, I am here to help you explore these questions and uncover any limiting beliefs or obstacles that may be holding you back from realizing your dreams. I believe that with the right mindset, tools, and support, you can overcome any challenges and achieve what you truly desire.

My coaching approach is rooted in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Transformational Coaching techniques, which focus on empowering you to make positive changes at the subconscious level, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards your goals.

I am passionate about helping you tap into your inner resources, expand your awareness, and create a clear roadmap towards your dreams. I believe that you are capable of achieving more than you may think, and I am committed to providing a safe, non-judgmental, and supportive space for your personal growth and transformation.

Investing in yourself is an act of self-love and self-care, and I am honored to be a part of your journey towards living your best life. Let’s work together to unlock your potential, overcome any obstacles, and turn your dreams into reality. Are you ready to take the first step? Let’s connect and explore how I can support you in reaching your goals!

The majority of dreams are not realized because we don’t dare to believe in them.

Please stand up for who you are and go chase your dreams!

My Spanish dream

I have been living in Spain for almost 2 years now, in the place we envisioned. I am doing the work I love, organizing fantastic retreats for entrepreneurs, just as I imagined years ago. And I am enjoying the location, being outdoors, the sun, the sea, and the lovely people around us.

Was it easy? No, definitely not… It had its ups and downs, surprises and unexpected turns, as well as many question marks and disappointments. But we kept believing, even when it seemed like it wasn’t meant for us.

Was it worth it? I am completely in love with our spot and Javea. Every cell in my body screams JA!

I have no regrets. It’s the best decision I could have ever made.

So go for it! Chase your dreams! And if you could use some help or just want to enjoy a week on retreat… You are more than welcome to join this dream-chasing retreat.

Love, Nicoline 💋

PS Wanna know more? Follow me on instagram or listen to my podcast!