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‘Javea is my place to be’

Ferry Chef DJ Traveller Michelin chef Restaurant Spain Espana


Chef, DJ and Traveller

Ferry has been in the restaurant business since he can remember. Trained by great Michelin chefs like Paul Bocuse***, Theo Nolet*, Henk Tuin* and Constant Fonk**, he started his own restaurant Het Bosch in Amsterdam in 1980, in 2021 taken over by the fourth generation ‘van Houten’, Danny & Leanne.

With Casa Coline Ferry wants to organize informal 4-hand-dinners in the guest naya with his chef-friends, where fun, quality and surprise are the main objectives (as they probably turn into a poolside party, because the dj-booth is implemented in his kitchen…)

In addition, Ferry can also provide home catering or a private dinner at Casa Coline, or he can be hired as a DJ for a party.

PS. Did you know that Ferry/Casa Coline has his own radio station and also has many great playlists on Spotify, such as this one:

‘Casa Coline is a dream come true’

Nicoline Dromenjager Dreamhunter NLP Transformatie coach transformational trainer


Dreamhunter, NLP and Transformational Coach and Trainer

As a Transformatief Business Coach and Dream Chaser, Nicoline helps ambitious entrepreneurs achieve their goals with ease and joy without sacrificing their own well-being. She provides coaching and training from both personal and business perspectives.

At Casa Coline in Javea, Nicoline offers 1-on-1 coaching sessions, organizes moon ceremonies, offers reiki and sound healing, and arranges various coaching retreats and workations to support her clients’ personal and professional growth.