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retreat yourself retreat in spain
 spiri-glam style

Do you need a break? Are you ready for a week completely dedicated to yourself to relax and recharge during a retreat in Spain?

Take a break from everything and simply unplug to enjoy peace, sun, sea, and beach. If you, like me, appreciate spirituality, luxury, and relaxation, then this reTREAT Yourself Retreat, Spiri-Glam style is definitely something for you!

Retreat Yourself Nicoline Schipper Javea Spain

SpiriGlam Retreat

Casa Coline, Javea

Imagine Spain and a week of …..


Relaxing on a sun lounger by our pool in the Spanish sun.


Finally read that book or maybe even write it, for example, on our rooftop terrace overlooking the Montgo mountain.


A nice yoga session early in the morning on our rooftop terrace or at the beach.


A relaxing morning meditation followed by a delicious breakfast served to you.


Walking along the seaside on the most beautiful routes.


A healing Reiki session in complete tranquility.


A sound healing and/or a special moon ceremony under a sky full of stars.


A relaxing massage by the pool followed by a nap on a sunbed.


Sleep in and enjoy the comfort of a luxurious room all to yourself, or wake up early for a early morning walk.


Delicious and healthy food prepared by our private chef and completely tailored to your preferences.


reTreat Yourself 🤍

Choose your own moment because this retreat is flexible to schedule throughout the year based on availability.

Length retreat: 3 or 5 days

Relaxation & connection

This retreat and the various relaxing and meditative sessions throughout the week are aimed at creating deep relaxation, recharging both the body and mind, and fostering a loving connection with your heart. During this retreat week, there will be meditations, visualizations, various yoga sessions, and a sound healing to help you unwind. Each participant can also enjoy a relaxing massage and a healing reiki treatment. Of course, everything is optional; nothing is mandatory.


There is also the possibility to detox during this week. This can be done both physically by following a juice cleanse and mentally by going offline for a week and disconnecting from your mobile device.

Great Experiences

Noël Ben-Shaanan


Noel was on retreat here at Casa Coline and really found peace. She states, "It doesn't get any better than this." Listen what she says (in Dutch).

Mascha Blaaser

'Everything this week was taken care of down to the last detail.'

Mascha came on retreat to really be with herself and find peace. Listen here (in Dutch) what she thought of her retreat week.

Review retreat 3 Casa Coline Retraite

this week was really special. i really needed this retreat week to relax and recover.

Corrie recently come to our retreat. She was able to take a moment to pause and reconnect with her heart. Listen here how Corrie reflects on her retreat week.

Our retreats

Are you booking this wonderful relaxing reTREAT Yourself retreat Spiri-Glam style in Spain?

You will be staying with us at Casa Coline in the beautiful nature of the Javea valley, near the sea. It’s wonderful here: you’re surrounded by nature, the sun works wonders, and Javea has a powerful transformative energy!

The rooms at Casa Coline are fully equipped and open onto a centrally located swimming pool. The large garden with palm trees and bougainvilleas has plenty of nice seating areas where you can retreat or doze off in the sun. There is a cozy Spanish naya for good conversations and delicious meals.

The meditation and ceremony sessions take place in a special room or outside in nature, for example on the rooftop terrace under the stars.

Data Retreats Casa Coline Spain Javea

Data Retreats

Star Casa Coline

This luxurious SpiriGlam retreat in Spain at Casa Coline can be booked anytime during the year! So, you can choose your ideal moment and send me a message (0031 6 55 72 62 44 or  and I will immediately check the availability for you!

Star Casa Coline

The length of this retreat is 3 ór 5 days

How to get here?

You can fly to the airports of Alicante or Valencia. Transavia offers several options and in terms of distance it doesn’t matter because Javea is exactly in the middle and about an hour’s drive away from both airports. Of course, you can also drive all the way from the Netherlands. If I go by car, it takes me about 18 hours.

We are happy to help you plan your trip to Spain.


3 days: €1500,-

5 days: From €2500 early birds discount for 2024 for =>  €1975,-

Payment in installments is possible upon request. The prices mentioned above are exclusive of VAT and based on weekdays. Would you like to arrive on the weekend or extend your stay? Of course, that’s possible! Let us know so we can check availability for you.



All overnight stays in a private room for yourself.


Lovely and healthy mails (breakfast and diner) and of course coffee, tea and water all day


Detox program posible


Meditations and visualisations




Sound Healing




And much more …



Flight and transfer

Currently, you can book a round-trip flight to Alicante or Valencia for around €150, so don’t wait too long.

Coaching Retraite in Spanje Reiki Transformatie coach NLP

Special requests

Do you have something that you would like during your stay with us? Please let us know so we can make it just the way you like it!

Are you in?

Would you like to join us? You are muy bienvenido!

Send an email to or call via 0031 6 55726244 with your preferred date and we will be in contact! 

Hasta luego, Nicoline 💋

Additional possibilities

The Casa Coline team can arrange a lot for you! You just need to let us know.


Scooter rental


Rental SMART car


Bike Rental



Manicure / pedicure




Foot reflexology




Ear candeling




Deep Tissue massage


The Tent Healing Experience



Private sport class / PT


Private pilates class


Mountain hike Montgo


Wim Hof Breathing

Let’s talk!

Would you like to get to know me a little first and perhaps take a look at Casa Coline via Facetime? That’s great, you’re more than welcome!

Send me a message via WhatsApp (+31655726244) or an email ( so we can schedule a moment to chat!

And of course, you can always find me or Casa Coline on social media platforms such as Instagram/Facebook or listen to my podcast about my Spain emigration adventures and the retreats I organize here.

Hope to speak to you soon!

Hasta luego, Nicoline

hola! Ik ben nicoline

And for the past year, I have been living in Spain in our Boutique Retreat: Casa Coline.

Years ago, I decided to change my life and retrained as a coach. With over 6 different coaching certifications (including NLP and Transformative Coaching), I started my own coaching practice, manifested my dream life, and now live here in Spain in this wonderful place.

Self-care is not a luxury, it’s a priority.

My mother taught me to not only take care of others but also to take care of myself. She always said, “You only have one life and one body, and you need to take care of them!”

That’s why I’ve been going on a retreat for at least one week every year for several years now. A vacation just for me where I only have to consider myself. A place to rest, recharge, and listen to my own voice.

Casa Coline - Javea - Spanje - Boutique Retreat - guesthouse-bedroom-beds-room-spain-retreat-yoga-reiki-relax

I’ve been to many different places and done many different programs, and all of these experiences have brought me so much. Relaxation. Peace. Renewed energy. Valuable insights. Love for myself. Being able to be alone. And a sense of gratitude.

Everything I enjoyed in these retreats, I have bundled into this SpiriGlam reTREAT YOURSELF retreat, so that it really is a week where you can rest and reconnect with yourself, feel a deep connection, and where you will be taken care of wonderfully.

Hope to see you soon, regards Nicoline

PS Wanna know more about me? Follow me on instagram or listen to my podcast!

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